When should I seek Financial Advice?
The best time to seek financial advice is now.  The sooner the better, as a Financial Planner can give you valuable advice on major life stages such as:

  • Your first job and changing career direction
  • Moving in together
  • Buying your first home
  • Starting a Family
  • Establishing a business
  • Creating an investment portfolio
  • Planning for retirement

Do I need a minimum amount of money?
There is not a minimum amount of money required to begin a financial plan.

What should I bring to my first meeting?
The more information that you can provide about your current financial situation the better. This is so we are able to tailor our advice to meet your needs and circumstances. This can include documents such as superannuation and loan statements, copy of photo ID, budget, insurance details, current mortgage information.

What will it cost to meet with a Financial Planner?
Our initial consultation is at our cost and obligation free.  It is a chance for you to meet with one of our Financial Planners to see whether they are a good match, and to see whether we are able to be of assistance to you. If you decide after the first meeting that you would like us to look into your financial situation further and provide you with options, a Statement of Advice (SoA) will be provided which outlines the ongoing costs should you wish to proceed. These costs are individual to each client’s situation.

Doesn’t my Accountant deal with this? Do I need a Financial Planner as well?
Financial Planners are able to offer broader advice and support on managing superannuation, investments, retirement options, insurances and estate planning, among others. We regularly work with accountants to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Do you have parking?
Yes, we have onsite parking. We are located at Unit 3 / 7-9 Grant Street, Cleveland. Parking is directly outside our Office door.