Your superannuation is likely to be the largest and most important long-term investment that you will ever hold. It is also the most tax-efficient investment vehicle that you can utilise to assist you in growing your future retirement funds.

Unfortunately, most people don’t give it much thought until it is too late, and now with the average life expectancy increasing each year it means that your Super has to last you even longer. By investing money in your superannuation fund, you are building a nest egg for future years. The more you put away now, the more you will be able to spend and enjoy during your retirement.

Superannuation strategies need to be individually tailored to ensure that you are paying minimal tax, while creating maximum wealth.

An appointment to discuss your Superannuation will cover the following areas:

  • Helping you to understand how superannuation works and what investments you currently hold.
  • Assist you in finding any lost super that you may have.
  • Consolidating your superannuation funds to help reduce fees associated with multiple funds.
  • Reviewing your existing super funds.
  • Ensuring that your investment portfolio is tailored specifically for you, based on your current goals and objectives.
  • Contributing more to you superannuation via pre and post-tax strategies.
  • Reviewing the insurance options that may be available to you via your superannuation fund.

We are qualified in understanding the complex legislation surrounding superannuation. Our objective is to help you choose a super fund that meets your needs, and to develop strategies that will help you to enhance and maximise your superannuation balance so that you can live the lifestyle you want in retirement.

”It is never too early to start planning and securing your financial future.”