Direct Shares

Investing in direct shares is a great way for some people to help prepare for a secure financial future. We have access to the entire Australian Stock Exchange to transact on your behalf, should you want to hold direct shares as part of your investment portfolio.

We also use direct shares in most of the clients super funds.  This allows us to control the tax on the earnings, often resulting in lower tax for our clients.  We can also use super funds that return the franking credits from these shares to the clients account.  Not all super funds are structured to do this, but it is an easy way to add value to your super.

We develop and maintain our own list of preferred Australian and International shares using detailed data from a number of research houses. Research recommendations will be made available to you should you decide to use our services to manage your direct share holdings.

Once invested our financial planners maintain a watch over your direct share holdings and will keep you informed of any changes to research recommendations.  This allows us to monitor and respond to market changes in an appropriate and timely manner.